Local Brazilian Ju-Jitsu academy hosts bully prevention program

Published: Aug. 7, 2022 at 6:14 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - ”We started about five years ago. A lot of parents was coming in talking about the issues kids were having at school. So we took it upon ourselves after that to kind of develop a program to to deal with that head on besides just the classes that we do initially”, said Virgil Allen, owner of Dreadnought BJJ Academy.

Virgil Allen teaches three bully prevention programs a year, training 15-20 kids in each week long session.

He’s not just teaching kids to defend themselves, but also letting them know their voice matters.

”The main thing is confidence and using your voice first. Nothing that we teach is a strike or physical type of altercation thing. It’s more being verbal learn how to say something and then go tell something and then, if it comes to that where I have to engage this person it’s taking him down to the ground controlling them and waiting for help to come you know striking or hurting that person is our last resort”, said Allen.

Allen says parents have been more than satisfied with the results... and the confidence their children come home with.

”Some of the feedback that we get is is beyond what we would expect. It’s helpful they come back and say some get teary eyed some cry about it because it’s the confidence their kids leave with is something they didn’t imagine”, said Allen.

“It’s something that they want, but sometimes they can’t accomplish that for the kid it being their own kids so they have to get that outside source and we’re that outside source.”

Allen’s message for parents and mentors is to listen and talk with their kids. Encourage children to speak up... and let them know people care about them.

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