Medicine Park proposed lodging tax

Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 5:27 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - The town of Medicine Park is hoping to increase their lodging tax by two percent to help fund certain infrastructures and street projects.

Medicine Park Mayor, Dr. Roger Johnson has says the city is in the process of these upgrades, but the town needs more money.

“We’ve got a lagoon project that we have to by DEQ’s orders have to put in a third Laguna which is a $1.3 million project. We’ve got to replace radios for police or fire with all the fires we’ve had”, said Johnson.

The lodging tax will not aimed at people who live in Medicine Park. Rather, tourists and weekend visitors.

The lodging tax are for people who are there for the weekend they’re not long term rentals. Lodging tax are for the the people who come in and are there on Friday night, Saturday night, leave on Sunday. It’s literally a tax on those people and those people are using our water they’re using our sewer our police and Fire Protection and we need the help”, said Johnson.

Johnson says town also needs a new radio tower to communicate with Lawton police and fire departments, new radios for each department.

He says if the tax doesn’t pass, Medicine Park will need just as much help as it does now.

“We need it we have infrastructure needs that we’ve all experienced. Sewer backups we’ve all experienced, being out of water we’ve all experienced, the potholes and we all know about lagoon system kind of under the watchful eye of DEQ and getting our lagoon system finished. We’re going to get behind real quick on the lagoon, the radios we’re going to have to hope that somebody else can pony up and we can find a grant”, said Johnson.

Citizens in Medicine Park will vote on the lodging tax proposal next Tuesday.

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