Will Lawton have a youth football season?

Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 6:18 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - “It’s going to take everybody kind of communicating and embracing the growth in in the change a little bit at first. I don’t have any doubt we’re gonna have football in Lawton I don’t have any doubt in that. it’s too rich of a culture in history here for it not to be here we want to do it sooner rather than later and we believe we’re going to be doing it this year”, said Andy Ballard, Vice President of Eastern Sports Management.

As of now there are only three teams committed to playing youth tackle football in Lawton and that’s because local coaches and parents didn’t know if a season was going to happen. Jason Scott and Albert Tyson, two coaches with programs in Lawton, say they know why signups have been so scarce.

“Due to the imbalance of knowing if we was going to have a fall youth league with parks and rec transition to that Sports Authority. A lot of such plus we had implemented Oklahoma Impact Youth Football League I feel like the teams had already committed to Oklahoma Impacting Youth Football League that’s kind of hurt but you know what sport study came out with that information was already behind the power curve”, said Jason Scott, Director of the Oklahoma Tigers Youth Football program.

“I think the hesitation is a big thing. Like right now it’s all about who’s doing what and where they’re doing it at. nobody is taking initiative and taking charge and just going ahead and putting that team out there let him know like hey we’re here to compete regardless the level, the grade”, said Albert Tyson, Owner of the Lawton Renegades.

Scott says the timeline parks and rec had, put them behind other leagues around the area because everyone else is already playing.

“Normally when the timeline we had that’s timeline pretty much everybody on when season starts. With the Lawton league you know they start season mid-September. Everybody is already in season form, you know around preseason first August mid August going to sit at beginning of season after Labor Day weekend. So that’s that timeline where you know other leagues like ourselves are starting right when high school ball, college ball, NFL is starting. Lawton, we’re looking at 2-3 weeks in September before we start playing ball”, said Scott.

Ballard isn’t worrying about the timeline for now. In his eyes, if teams and kids want to play in Lawton, they’ll play.

“Our plan is is really to allow anybody that wants to play to play. So we’re going to have the deadlines for the quality of the league to make sure that we are giving everybody the opportunity to have equality run. But if a team didn’t know about it and they found out late for whatever reason and they call us late we’re gonna deal with each one of those issues Ala carte. And find a way to get them involved and we’re doing the same thing for like age group changes and things that we walked into where look if you got a kid that wants to play we’re going to find a way for them to play”, said Ballard.

Ballard says the league will play with 3-4 teams at a minimum and they will play an 8 game. For teams or players that want to play youth tackle football visit playlawton.com