Lack of bus benches in Lawton

Published: Sep. 7, 2022 at 6:21 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Lawton only has 48 total bust stop benches, and that’s less than 34% of bus stops in the city. 7News’ Darrell Brown spoke with LATS General Manager Ryan Landers who agrees with adding more benches and shelters.

“Probably over the last four or five years we’ve been really looking at trying to redo the routes, to try to get more ridership. And, I think over that time period we’ve really tried to look at creating more frequency, be a little bit more efficient with our routes. It does take some time but we would absolutely want more more benches and more covered shelters and everything for for the citizens,” said Landers.

There’s a growing consensus in Lawton for more benches and shelters so people have somewhere to sit at public transit bus stops. Residents are forced to sit on the ground and even stand in the rain, if they aren’t near a stop that has a bench. Landers has a plan in place and LATS is working on a grant to make it a reality.

“So, in order for us to actually get grant funding, we have to have a local share. That’s about 20% of what the local share would actually be to cover to cover those aspects of that, and so if we’re looking at you know $100,000 we need at least $20,000 from the local share”, said Landers.

However, Landers had a message for the people of Lawton about the benches and shelters.

“Help is on the way! We’d like to actually invest into a lot of these things. We tried to assess the damage and we try to do some of the repairs, as much as humanly possible. We don’t currently own the the benches or anything like that. That is going to be systematically changing over a very short time”, said Landers.