Ft. Sill Fires Artillery with Singaporean Ally

Published: Sep. 18, 2022 at 11:27 AM CDT
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FORT SILL, Okla. (KSWO) - After a three year hiatus from the training, Singaporean and American artillery unit’s launched rockets together on Ft. Sill’s west range again.

The 23rd Singaporean Artillery unit has spent around a month training at Ft. Sill, collaborating and learning with part of the 14th Field Artillery unit.

“The partnership with Singapore is just great right. So for 56 years the U.S. and Singapore have been training together, kind of with the idea that we learn best when we learn from each other,” Commander of the 3rd Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Unit Elijah Ward said.

The visit provides training opportunities that aren’t possible on the island of Singapore.

Limited land prevents their troops from firing powerful artillery like the Singaporean High-Mobility Rocket Systems launched on Saturday.

“Over here it creates the training realism that we need. Fort Sill provided the training space that we don’t get to enjoy in Singapore.” Commander of the 23rd Singaporean Artillery Unit Major Kenny Teo said.

This was the first time the 23rd Singaporean Artillery unit had a chance to fire these rockets.

One of the launch commanders says experiencing a real launch will help them be prepared if they are ever ordered to fire.

“Wow it’s so powerful, the sound, the pressure you feel. It makes you proud. You’re like ‘Wow, all my training has lead to this moment’ and as a launch commander I’ll say that that is really my proudest moment,” Launch Commander Sergeant Yiagshao said.

In total eight rockets were fired throughout the day and tomorrow the Singaporean’s will have their last firings of the exercise.

“All rockets are firing at the same time. This is a great testament of our cooperation,” Major Tao said.

Besides the opportunity to train and exchange ideas, Ward says hosting the Singaporean unit strengthens the two countries relationship.

“It kind of gets us a chance as well as them to be ambassadors for each of our nations. It kind of builds on that friendship on the small unit level.”