Family devastated after items lost in Little Bear Loop fire

Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 6:42 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - A family is heartbroken after a fire at Little Bear Loop, which destroyed three mobile homes.

The three mobile homes, which were once filled with collectibles and memories, are now gone.

Madonna Ferguson said the property was owned by her mother who passed away. She said losing the mobile home and everything in it was like losing her mother all over again.

Ferguson said she was devastated when the fire destroyed her family’s mobile home, which was like a storage time capsule for her, to the point that she’s been physically ill over the last few days.

Ferguson said she came out the day after the fire to see if anything could possibly be saved.

“It was so much that I was just walking over and looking down at the ground. And, it was just like you know, whoa, it was just like walking, it’s just like stepping on memories,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said the family has been planning to remove the items from the mobile home but kept putting it off, and now they regret it.

“My brother even called me one time and said they’re breaking in, and to come and get everything you gave mom and stuff that you want of mothers. I was like, ‘next time, next time, next time,’ and I guess I just didn’t want to come to do it and I should have,” Ferguson said.

The Wichita Mountains Estate Fire Department was the first to respond to the fire, and it took several agencies working together to get the blaze under control. The Bureau of Indian Affairs investigated the cause of the fire.

“An unattended fire, whether it was a campfire or a trash fire, that got out of control when the wind picked up,” The Wichita Mountains Estate Fire Department Fire Chief Tom Belase.

Ryan Blackstar said the lack of rain and the severe dryness causes fires like these and warns people to take precautions to avoid these kinds of incidents.

“Once the sun comes out and the wind comes in, it just totally dries everything out. Plus, if you’re going to be burning some debris, just make sure you have some water, a bucket or water, or the garden hose,” Blackstar said.

They say the fire burned 4 acres.

If you are interested in helping out, the family also has a go fund me to help them recover the cost of cleaning up their late mother’s home.