Cotton Co. partners with Comanche Nation for new bridge project

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 6:17 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Cotton County is partnering with the Comanche Nations Department of Transportation to build two new bridges. The first will be located on Deep Red Creek and the other will be built at Little Beaver Creek.

Mike Woods, the Cotton Co. Commissioner for District One, said this project will help benefit the community in various ways.

“Well, the bridge on Little Beaver, it’ll help the mail route, bus route, farmers, local farmers. They have to go 14 to 16 miles out of the way to get around this, it’ll be a real help to the community on the farmers,” said Woods.

Woods said the last time Cotton County had a project like this in the works was four or five years ago, but the bridge for Little Beaver has needed repair for much longer.

“These projects have been in the works for probably five years, I believe it’s been on the five-year plan. The one on Little Beaver has been shut down. There’s no record of when it was shut down, but I believe it was shut down in the ‘80s,” said Woods.

The project could cost close to $2 million with each bridge costing over $900,000 a piece. The paperwork is just waiting to get signed along with a few other details which need to be completed.

“There’s one bridge down south of Cookie Town. It should be done any day now. The one on Little Beaver we’re waiting on the utilities and it’ll be ready to go“, says Woods.

Woods said the bridges should be finished within the year, and they won’t cost the taxpayers of Cotton County a dime.

“As soon as the contractors go to work on them, it won’t take the contractors very long. These are remote areas where there’s no traffic because right now the bridges are out. It’s not gonna cost them any tax money, that’s already there,” says Woods.

The bridges should be starting construction any day now.