Altus City Council Ward 4 Candidates: Melissa Tuttle and Christina Wallace

Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 6:23 PM CDT
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ALTUS, Okla. (KSWO) - Melissa Tuttle and Christina Wallace agree on one quality they said would help change the City of Altus.

“I listen, I’m not one to go out and butt myself into everybody’s business, but I do listen to what people have to say,” Tuttle said.

“I’ll listen to anybody, I’ll listen to any reasonable solution. I’m not, everything is not cut and dried already. Okay, so I am willing to work with people to move things forward,” Wallace said.

Wallace has only lived in Altus for 4 years but feels her background in teaching and the postal service will help her lead Ward 4. Plus, she’ll be able to dedicate herself to the position because she has the extra time.

“I’m retired, so I have plenty of time now to look into problems and people’s complaints and just concerns. I’ll have time to devote to this,” Wallace said.

Tuttle has plenty of experience in Altus. She grew up in the area and returned to the city after her time in the military. She said there is no other place she’d rather be.

“I have worked in the medical field since I’ve been back here. I’ve been in the medical field since I was 18. I helped out with soup kitchens, I ran the soup kitchens. I know quite a few people in town, and I do know some of the things that need help around Altus and I’ll like to assist with that,” Tuttle said.

Wallace said there are many problems in Altus that she’d like to look into if elected.

“Like why are our electric bills so high, why didn’t the grass get cut for the soccer fields, when we paint the bike lanes could we have the cars move out of the way so the lines don’t go like this,” Wallace said.

Tuttle said crime is rising and she’d like to see more police on the streets if elected.

“We need more funding, better vehicles, better training, but we also need to see those officers out with the people and getting to know them one on one,” Tuttle said.

Stay tuned Oct. 10 - 14 to learn more about the other candidates for Altus City Council Ward 4.

The last day to register to vote is October 14th, and election day is November 8th.