Fort Sill hosts “A Day in the Life of a Soldier”, in an effort to help recruiting goals

Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 6:24 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - It’s no secret the Army missed its recruiting goals for 2022. In an effort to help, Thursday Fort Sill hosted “A Day in the Life of a Soldier” for Moore High School students.

They were able to have a hands-on experience with some of the equipment, eat a military-style lunch, ask many questions and even got to see some live fires.

The Army has publicly announced it missed recruiting goals by 15,000 soldiers in 2022.

Oklahoma City Recruiter, Capt. Cody Gunther said the Army recruiting office used to host events like these, but due to COVID things were put on hold.

“I think this is a great way to help. Of course, high school students are one of the primary feeders so, being able to interact with them, gives them these opportunities. And passing this information on as well, is a really big part of our mission, to try to feed the larger goals of our mission as an organization,” said Capt. Gunther.

Caleb Falconer, a junior at South Moore High School, said he already had an interest in the Army because his dad is an Army veteran and today confirmed this is the route he wants to go.

“I would love to make a career out of the military. I feel like it is a great career to have. It’s definitely some wear and tear, but I think it is a great career to have and some great stories that come out of it.” Falconer said.

Falconer said even though his Dad was in the Army, he learned a lot from Thursday’s event.

“I didn’t understand or comprehend how many jobs it actually takes just to go shoot an artillery show,” Falconer said.

Capt. Gunther said he hopes this experience gives high schoolers another option after graduation.

“The Army, whether it’s the reserves or the regular army, it’s part of a larger community. We want to have those relationships, so when people are looking for another way through life, another opportunity, we are able to be there to help them,” Capt. Gunther said.

Carley Meadows, also a junior at South Moore High School, said she came Thursday still unsure of her plans after graduation.

“But, after today I’m probably, I’m probably like more thinking about the military. I am kind of leaning towards that a little bit more just going today,” Meadows said.

Capt. Gunther said he’s still optimistic about meeting the Army’s recruiting goals, and he’s happy to be able to connect with the community.