Tillman County District 1 candidates

November 8th will see incumbent Greg Petty facing Roger Hoover for the Tillman County, District 1 commissioner seat.
Published: Nov. 1, 2022 at 3:11 PM CDT
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TILLMAN COUNTY, Okla. (KSWO) - With elections quickly approaching, we continue to bring you election coverage.

November 8th we will see incumbent Greg Petty facing Roger Hoover for the Tillman County District 1 commissioner seat.

Petty has been a business owner for nearly 38 years and hopes to continue serving his community as commissioner. Meanwhile, Hoover grew up in the county before joining the Air Force.

The OSU grad and his competitor both want to keep the people in their communities in mind.

“Most of these people are friends of mine and have been customers of mine for 25-30 years,” said Petty.

”I always want to treat the public how they should be treated because that’s who you’re working for,” said Hoover.

The candidates have different ideas of what it takes to fill this position.

“I don’t know that [anyone] is really qualified, you take this job not knowing, having very, very little idea of how much responsibility is involved in being the county commissioner,” said Petty.

“I’m going to be efficient I’m going to be a hands-on, full-time commissioner, and I love to fill in where I’m needed,” said Hoover.

Petty said in his experience, most issues facing the county stem from lack of funds, and Hoover wants to fix roads and see more commissioner involvement.

“It’s going to be my full time job and I’m actually going to be doing it. I’m going to be commissioner I’m going to be foreman I’m going to be equipment operator and I will enjoy doing it, I look forward to doing it,” said Hoover.

“It’s tough it all comes back to money and when you are small you have very few people in the area and we are losing people all the time in the smaller communities and that’s where the money comes from, the population of the people,” said Petty.

Hoover has several plans on what needs to be done while Petty plans to continue doing what he has for the past four years.

“As the county commissioner and each county commissioner across the state of Oklahoma knows, you never get caught up on the county work,” said Petty.

“First thing I’ll do is organize the shop, get acquainted with everyone that’s there because there’s a lot of new people under experienced and what we need to train for,” said Hoover.

Early voting runs Nov. 2-5, and Election Day is November 8 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.