EMT’s help deliver baby on the side of the road

Published: Nov. 10, 2022 at 9:10 PM CST
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COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla. (KSWO) - 1 in 62 childbirths takes place outside of the hospital. Sometimes things just happen so quickly and let’s face it, the baby will come when the baby wants to.

At least that’s what happened on Highway 62 near Anadarko on Tuesday because when mom says it’s time to push, it’s time to push.

“It’s going to be for a 23-year-old female, conscious, breathing delivered a baby on the side of the road,”

This was the dispatch call Apache EMTs Luis and Abigail heard that made them spring into action.

“Sort of what went through my mind is it’s a bit stressful, you know, and a bit exciting. Off the side of the highway is one of those things, I’ve done it before but you never get used to it, “Luis said.

The EMTs said the mother had just delivered the baby before they arrived.

“Mom told me she had to push and I was like whelp I’m not going to stop that process, So, she was like ‘yeah gotta push’ and I was like ‘yea okay well that’s what we’re doing,’” Luis said.

EMTs cut the cord and helped mom deliver the placenta

“Mom did most of the process if not all of the process, she delivered the baby and you just go with her. Dad was there. He was very helpful. He held the baby as I was cutting the cord,” Luis said.

For Abigail, this was her first time in a situation like this.

“Yea so we just delivered a baby on the side of the highway and I was pretty amped up for a while afterward,” Abigail said.

The couple was on the way to the hospital but obviously did not make it.

“She went into labor somewhere around the Anadarko area and they were like we were trying to make it to Comanche County Memorial and I am like that’s where I am going to take you,” Luis said.

Abigail said every time she’s on highway 62 she will always remember the time she helped deliver her first baby on the side of the road.

“You’ll definitely remember it, it was one of those calls you’ll remember where you were when it happened,” Abigail said.