Cyril cheerleader’s miraculous recovery after football goal post head injury

Published: Dec. 14, 2022 at 11:29 AM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - One teen has made a miraculous recovery after a near-death experience.

Jenessa Thompson said she was practicing stunts with her cheer team in 2020 when they decided to take pictures on the goalpost.

“The distribution was off and the pole started to fall, and I had told the fourth girl that if she goes to fall, don’t be scared, I’ll catch you. So she goes to fall and I take a step forward and it hits my head,” Thompson said.

Thompson said the massive metal beam laid on top of her until her team was able to lift it off her body.

“God did so many miracles throughout the whole thing. One of them is that I didn’t die instantly and the other one is there were 7 girls, probably most of them smaller than me, and they lifted up the 800-pound steel goalpost off of my head,” Thompson said.

Thompson could have lost her memory or personality after the accident. Instead, she spent three weeks in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries. While the damage was extensive and her jaw was wired shut she was determined to make the most of her situation.

“Seven weeks exactly after I got out of the hospital, I played my first basketball game. Which is crazy, because I lost about 30 pounds in the hospital. And, before I was able to play I had to gain those 30 pounds back,” Thompson said.

The goalpost which struck Jenessa Thompson on the head has since been replaced, to make sure an accident like this never happens again.

“I was in the hospital when they told me, and they were like Nessa, a company donated a collegiate goalpost to the school because of what happened. And I went, you’re welcome,” Thompson said.

Thompson said the two-year recovery process has been challenging, but she’s happy with how far she’s come.

“God was with me through it all, and the peace that he gave me was astronomical. It was just insane the power that he has to help people through hard situations like that. Because it was difficult sometimes, I am not saying that it wasn’t. Definitely, I struggled, but I had so much peace about it throughout the hospital visit. and afterward as well. that it only could come from God,” Thompson said.

Thompson said she is passionate about mental health and plans to go to college and pursue that passion.