Gabriel’s House makes plans for new building as enrollment grows

Enrollment at Gabriel’s House, which is an after-school program in Duncan, has skyrocketed. Because of that, they’re working to build their own building.
Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 6:23 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) -Enrollment at Gabriel’s House, which is an after-school program in Duncan, has skyrocketed, and because of that, they’re working to build their own building.

Bonnie Tally, the Founder of Gabriel’s House, said after going through a tough time in life she asked God what she should do with the rest of her life.

“He kept giving me this idea to help take care of what back then, this was in the 90′s, a bunch of latchkey kids,” Tally said.

Latchkey kids are children whose parents aren’t home when they get out of school. Tally said she didn’t think she was qualified enough for this task, but soon realized it could be done.

“I decided I just needed to speak it, I needed to say I have a dream. And, I got to speak it in front of my church, in front of the first Christian church, and from that moment forward things just started happening,” Tally said.

Gabriel’s House soon expanded from a small house in front of Duncan Elementary to a location serving not only Duncan students but also Empire students. Due to this growth, Tally had another dream, having their own building.

“At our 2018 fundraiser, a man whose wife had been a volunteer at Gabriel’s House for years and had passed away, he pledged a $100,000 seed money towards this new building. And then, of course, you know COVID hit and everything stopped,” Tally said.

Gabriel’s House was able to purchase some land and is now working on more fundraising to get the building process going.

Jana Bowen is the executive director of Gabriel’s house, but she started as a volunteer in 2002.

“And I thought it was the coolest thing, it was like vacation bible school, after school, randomly in the middle of the year and to me, there was just something neat about it,” Bowen said.

Tally said she is glad she didn’t let the fact she felt unqualified for this task stop her.

“God always uses unqualified people to do his work. He didn’t pick the religious leaders or educators of that day. He just picks common people and that’s what he still does today,” Tally said.

Tally said their next fundraiser for the new building is in June. If you’d like to help before then, click here.