Winter weather driving safety tips

Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 6:17 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - While experts recommend staying off the roads during these cold temperatures, not everyone can guarantee a day of working from home, so it’s important we remember what to do when driving.

The smallest amount of ice can create hazardous road conditions, especially when not everyone has experience driving on it.

Tanner Wade has been a driving instructor for over 10 years, and knows what to do your car starts to slide off the road.

“If you’re sliding around or skidding you want to turn in the direction of the skid, so if the back end is going to the right turn to the right, if it’s going to the left, turn left. Don’t break or get on the gas when you are sliding just let the car go, eventually once you get it corrected then you can get it moving again,” said Wade.

Sergeant Christopher Blessing with the Lawton Police Department encourages people to watch their speed.

“Speed is the number one cause of accidents in winter weather advisories so please please slow down,” said Blessing.

Wade agrees that people need to slow down and give themselves more time when getting to their destination.

“I would much rather get to a place 15 or 20 minutes late, than not get there at all. So slow down, take your time, pay attention to what’s going on and stay off your phone,” he said.

If traveling a longer distance Blessing recommends making sure you have a full tank of gas, and prepare for anything that could happen.

“In the event you are stuck in your vehicle and it does take emergency services a little while to get there, at least you can stay in your car while you wait,” said Blessing.

“Because when it’s really bad, people can’t get out there and rescue you right away,” said Wade.

Blessing also wants to remind people to be careful not to get your car stolen when warming it up.

“Something that we do stress, if you’re going to warm your car up prior to leaving, please make sure you have a second key fob, please make sure that car is locked,” he said.

The cold weather conditions are expected to continue, so make sure to bundle up and stay safe on the road.