Lawton’s NAACP chapter reacts to police brutality

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 7:22 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - People across the country are reacting to the violence displayed on body cam footage from the murder of Tyre Nichols.

Lawton’s NAACP President said no one should have to experience this kind of treatment from those that should be protecting them.

“Not any person should ever be subject to such violence, calling for their mother while being brutalized by police. the footage of this video is a reminder that in America any day of the week a black person can be brutally beaten to death by those who are supposedly here to serve and protect our communities. A traffic stop should not result in the brutal death of an unarmed man. How much more trauma and tragedy must the black community experience in order to make real change?”

Williams said it’s time for change, and justice must be served to everyone including those in her hometown.

“We cannot name all of the victims of police violence but can name two of the most recent ones in Lawton, Oklahoma. Quadry Sanders and Zonterious Johnson, we can not name a single law enforcement officer who have died in the process. Police officers must be held accountable and their unlawful acts of police brutality and culture.”

Williams said it is very disturbing to see these things happening in today’s society and feels officers need to be trained on how to react to different situations. But doesn’t want to put all officers under one category.

“I’m not saying that every police officer demonstrates unfairness and injustice but those that do, they are sending a terrible message to citizens and citizen’s are going to be fearful.”

Williams said police must have compassion because they’re in a position of authority and if they can’t protect and serve then they shouldn’t be police.

“We need action that insures no one must experience or witness this kind of violence at the hands of law enforcement ever again. Continued failure to act, holding police accountable has left Tyre’s blood and the blood of countless number of black lives claimed by police violence on the hands of those who refuse to make the necessary changes in law enforcement.”

She said events like these put a strain on the trust for police but there are ways to make things better.

“I believe coming together and having more unity, having more meetings, discussions that can help build those relationships.”

In the end Williams hopes all the families involved get the closure they need.

“We want to see justice for Tyre Nichols, Quadry Zanders, and Zonterious Johnson’s family.”

The two former Lawton police officers charged with manslaughter in connection to the death of Quadry Sanders had their preliminary hearing rescheduled to April 21st.