KSWO celebrates 25 years of Medwatch

Published: Feb. 17, 2023 at 9:43 AM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - MedWatch has been giving 7NEWS viewers the latest information on medical news for the past 25 years.

In recognition of this milestone, Nicole, now the Comanche County Memorial Hospital’s marketing director, looks back on the start of the program, “In 1997, I believe late summer. I can’t remember the month, but in 1997 we launched MedWatch 7. It was something that nobody in this area was doing at all. I took the opportunity and just ran with it.”

Our Evening Anchor Haley Wilson took MedWatch on full-time four years ago and has recently passed the torch onto our GMT Anchor Alexis Young.

“So MedWatch has been here as I’ve grown at KSWO. I’ve been here for almost seven years now. If you go watch the very first Medwatch I did, and then my last one it’s almost like a different person. I’ve grown so much in confidence, and I think Medwatch helped me do that,” said Wilson.

Alexis said she is excited to be taking on the role, “I feel just knowing I have you guys. I do feel confident. I also feel that it’s kind of like a library. I can just pull the books from your guys’ brains.”

Since MedWatch has its start in 1997 the technology used in the newsroom has evolved exponentially.

“It’s great to see that MedWatch is still thriving. It’s still serving its purpose, and doing great things for the community,” said Jolly.

With so much history behind the program, everyone is excited to see the direction Alexis takes MedWatch.

Wilson said, “It becomes your baby, is what we all say. Nicole birthed it, it’s my child, and now Alexis is also kind of going to experience that cause it’s something you have to take care of. You write those stories, you make sure everything’s going smoothly, and that’s your responsibility.”