Medwatch: The evolution of medical devices

We’ve come a long way in the world of modern medicine.
Published: Feb. 28, 2023 at 7:47 AM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) -We’ve come a long way in the world of modern medicine.

For example devices like the Pacemaker, which was invented in 19-36, was the first device to send electrical pulses to your heart. Now, tools like the cardiac implantable electronic device have replaced it

Dr. Bassam Saliba of the heart and vascular center in Lawton says thanks to new technology...surgeries and diagnoses are happening faster and smoother than before

“Over the year we have more and more options... like the other day we had totally accrued a common iliac...which in the past we would send these people to surgeries, but now we have new techniques and new equipment where we could open and balloon it, put a stent in, and the patient is able to go home with no major scars,” said Dr. Saliba.

The cardiologist explained devices like stents, rotor rooters, and ultrasounds have even made it easier to treat heavily calcified arteries that use to give Doctors a tough time.

“We have now also balloons that kinda sense microwaves that can weaken that heavily calcified whether that’s in the heart or peripheral, or you know, the vascular elsewhere. At worst, you’re able to crack the calcium because you’ve weakened it,” said Dr. Saliba.

In the past surgeons had to leave 6-inch scars in order to see intestines that needed to be treated. But now, thanks to these same devices, they’re able to poke small holes and remove what they need.

But, despite all of the amazing things technology is doing, the most important part is what the patient can do.

“What we do to the patient is just a third of the whole picture. what they do themselves matters. Whether it’s taking their medication or being conscious of what they’re eating, about physical, and what they do every day.”

As technology continues to evolve, Dr. Saliba said a lot of the technique will become less evasive and give people not only a quality life but also some longevity.