Former KSWO reporter continues sharing Native American stories

Community Partner: Comanche Nation
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 7:09 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Here at KSWO one of the things we care about most is how we impact the community.

We’ve had a lot of staff go on to take leadership roles around the area and continue working with the station as they do so. Sarae Ticeahkie has done that through her work as Public Relations Officer for Comanche Nation.

Sarae said she started working at KSWO in the midst of COVID.

“I wasn’t really looking for work, but I just happened to look on Indeed, and I was like hey, there’s a journalist position. Let me, you know- try it out,” said Ticeahkie. “Writing has always been my passion and telling stories, so anyway I can do that in telling someone’s story in the community, then I’m gonna do it.”

As she began sharing the stories of Lawton/Fort Sill , Sarae soon found her passion: shedding light on Native American experiences.

“Where I took off here is writing about Comanche Nation, because I am Comanche, and I felt like there wasn’t enough transparency with Comanche Nation,” Ticeahkie said.

Sarae still credits KSWO to where she is now.

“Without KSWO I don’t think I would’ve gotten recognized, and have the opportunity that I do have now. Because Sharicka took a chance on me,” said Ticeahkie. “I proved myself and I had all the people here to help me learn. I think, again, when I see people out in public and they tell I did such a great job, and it was good to see someone of color on TV telling stories, I think that’s super important.”

However KSWO wasn’t the only one to notice Sarae’s talent.

Comanche Nation Chairman Mark Woommavovah said he met Sarae during his first in-studio interview at KSWO.

“I noticed that she was out in the field doing good things, making those connections,” said the Chairman. “The fact that she added so much value to KSWO, we recruited her.”

Sarae says being the Public Relation Officer has not only strengthened her story-telling abilities, but her connection with the community.

Ticeahkie said, “Public relations is all about building relationships, and so I’m constantly reaching out to the organizations that I’ve worked with previously and tell them, ‘Hey, Comanche Nation is here, and we’re not just us against the world. It’s all of us together.”

Since then the relationship with Comanche Nation and KSWO has only grown, resulting in our monthly segment: “NumuNahapu: Comanche Chairman”