After Hours with Cade Episode 7: Lannie Lan3

Lannie Lan3 is a Lawton native rapper and hip-hop artist on the rise.
Published: Apr. 29, 2023 at 10:47 PM CDT
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Southwest Oklahoma (KSWO) - On After Hours with Cade, I sit with local artists to discuss Lawton and Southwest Oklahoma’s impact on their career and how it’s helped shape their artistry.

My seventh guest is Lannie Lan3, a local rapper and hip-hop artist making waves in the Lawton music scene with their stage presence and prowess.

Lannie grew up in Lawton, graduating from Eisenhower High School and attending Tomlinson Elementary, where she first began experimenting with her sound and writing her own records.

“I’ve been rapping since a kid, like, when we had the cassette tapes,” Lannie said. “I used to rap into the radio and play it back. I swear, I’ve been rapping so long, and I don’t even know how old I was, elementary school for sure, though.”

However, it wasn’t until high school, when she formed a group with friends, that she knew that music would be her career path.

“It was about ninth/tenth grade; I had a lot of friends. Krunky and T. We had a big music group, about ten or eleven of us. Matthias, rest in peace. He passed away from sickle cell, but he actually gave me my name and everything, and that’s when I decided, ‘Oh, this is something I could probably do.’”

Lawton is a dog-eat-dog world, as Lannie describes it, but with the ability to rap alongside the men and still outperform, it’s not something that bothers her because talent speaks louder.

She says Lawton made her different, a quality that helps maintain her status as a standout in the music scene. However, she praises Lawton for the amount of talent present within the city.

“We have some very, very talented people, like way more than you could even imagine,” said Lannie. “People amaze me here. We just have too many people, you know what I’m saying? There’s like fifty of us rapping, so it’s hard to weed through the goods, bads, people who are really passionate about it, and people just doing it. That’s the only thing, but we have a lot of talented people. Lawton is full of people from everywhere that do great things in music.”

One thing she would change, though, is the amount of support that’s spread around. “We have to support each other more. We got to all support each other, or it’s not gonna work.”

“Of course, I don’t feel like I get enough support. I feel like I get a lot of support, but I always want more. As an artist, you know, you always want more. That’s what we’re striving for is more support, more fans, more people, you know, but I feel like I get it pretty good,” Lannie continued.

While Lannie might’ve been rapping since a young age, she didn’t start dropping singles until 2018 and released her first official album, My Own Lane, in 2022, an accumulation of work she had been building up for years.

“I’ve been working on that for a long time. I’m a perfectionist, though. I have songs that nobody will probably ever hear and songs that people around me heard that really need to be released. I have songs on there from probably 2019, so it’s been a couple of years for sure.”

“It was kind of different because I gave people more of me. I didn’t really express myself much in my music. I want to have fun, party, and stuff like that. With My Own Lane, I kinda show where I’m different. I showed the realness and authenticity of my music,” Lannie continued.

One thing she learned from the release of “My Own Lane” is the importance of taking the time and doing things at your own pace.

“I kind of rushed it. Even though it took a long time, I rushed the production of it because I wanted it on a certain date. You just got to take the time. I be taking too much time, but still, take your time,” Lannie laughed.

Lannie kicked 2023 off with her latest single, “Juke,” an upbeat dance track outside of her typical genre that encourages people to get up and moving.

“It was just something I was feeling. I like that style of music; everybody’s having fun and smiling. I think music is real sad and dark and crazy. I enjoy seeing people enjoy themselves, so I just wanted to tap into that really quick,” Lannie said.

For now, she says fans will be waiting for a little while for a new album but can undoubtedly expect more singles in the future. As for performances, Lannie plans to spend the summer booked and busy. “I come alive when the sun comes out.”

Coming off her recent performance at Chronic Palooza, where she opened up for Sauce Walka, Lannie plans to perform in Arkansas for their Summer Jam on Saturday, May 20.

“I go to Arkansas a lot with 105.3 Kiss radio, so it’s gonna be big. I love performing, like, you can listen to my music, but if you see me performing, you’re gonna know that I really mean what I say. I’m a real in-the-house type of person, so imma be more outside. I’m outside this summer.”

Originality is crucial to standing out in a vast sea of artists hoping to get their big break, but that’s something Lannie doesn’t have to worry about, thanks to their authenticity.

“I don’t have a gimmick. I don’t have anything like that. I really am me, and I feel like that’s probably going to take me further than anything.”

You can find Lannie Lan3 online at lannietheartist on Facebook and Instagram and as Lannie Lan3 on Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.