Classes at Cache allow students to work in media at school

Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 11:34 PM CDT
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CACHE, Okla. (KSWO) - Cache High School students are getting involved in something that will lead to very successful careers in broadcasting.

They have started a broadcasting class where everything is student-based. They are the ones controlling the cameras, lights, and are even in the press box running the games.

One of the major jobs is running sporting events, mainly football and basketball.

Alexander Young who is new to the class has already made a big impact.

Young talks about how he became involved with the Broadcast Journalism class.

Alexander Young stated, “Watching sports on television I was like I want to do that one day like it just seems very interesting and I love working with technology.”

Julyssa Ruffin who is another student involved with the program explained how she is grateful to be able to learn more about the world of broadcasting.

“I mean it’s definitely a privilege compared to other schools you know we have more of like you said the opportunity like other schools don’t have and other kids don’t get to experience so I’m very blessed and privileged that I do go to this school and that my school provides this class.”

Amber DeWinter says this is a student-led class.

“Students operate the instant replay they grab all the clips they direct the camera work they are in charge of the entire show from start to finish,” DeWinter said. “They are in charge of every single graphic that goes on the scoreboard. They are in charge of videoing for special nights like senior night or homecoming.”

Students are continuing to learn more about broadcast journalism and some plan to continue on after high school.