Medwatch: meet general surgeon Dr. Kathryn Jones

Medwatch: meet general surgeon Dr. Katheryn Jones
Published: Nov. 7, 2023 at 9:08 AM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - One thing about living in Lawton, someone knows someone that you may know. which is why we’re introducing the newest general surgeon at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

Meet Dr. Kathryn Jones, your new general surgeon at CCMH.

General surgeons provide surgical care to patients ranging from pre-op education to actual surgery, and then post-op care.

Some of their specialties can include skin cancer, surgeries on the gallbladder, hernia, colon, and more.

Dr. Jones says while she loves doing different types of surgeries, performing breast surgery for patients diagnosed with breast cancer has become something near to her heart.

“I’m especially passionate about breast cancer surgery because I had breast cancer and the surgeries that went along with that,” said Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones was diagnosed with breast cancer during her first year in residency, which is typically the hardest year for incoming interns.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I wasn’t particularly surprised. I was very ‘matter of fact,’ about it. Just okay. This is what’s happening, this is what we do about it. It wasn’t until a little bit later when I saw the effects of the chemotherapy, radiation, and how many surgeries beside the one initial surgery that I needed. "

The surgeon says thanks to her experience, it has given her an extra layer of relatability to her patients, and she now works with the breast team at CCMH to help spread awareness and help those experiencing breast cancer not feel so alone.

“Surviving breast cancer does affect my practices as a surgeon. Of course, I follow the national comprehensive cancer guidelines, but when I’m seeing patients and telling them about their diagnosis and guiding them through, I know how to explain and what that’s going to be like because I know what they’re going to expect and what it’s like because I went through all the aspects of cancer treatment.”

Dr. Jones says she chose Lawton as her home because of the beautiful views and CCMH’s renown reputation of keeping employees for a lengthy number of years. she says the longevity of doctors staying at CCMH is what led to her decision for the hospital to be her new place of home.

So, the next time you see Dr. Jones give her a good smile.