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John Cameron

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  Our weather grows more comfortable next few days

  A cold front comes to our rescue this weekend

  Thursday & Friday will be our hottest of the week

  Triple-digit heat likely for the rest of the week

  Rain will find parts of Oklahoma Monday night

  This weekend will be hotter and windier than last weekend

  Typical, Texoma August weather is back for the weekend

  Temperatures soar to near 100 as morning rain chances linger

  Thunderstorms expected Tuesday night, Wednesday morning

  Temperatures soon return to the hot category

  Early-morning rain expected Monday

  Pretty great weather for August

  Rain chances soon fade from the forecast

  Strong thunderstorms possible Thursday afternoon

  Fair rain chances remain in the forecast

  Minor flooding threat with rainy forecast through Tuesday night

  Thunderstorms return to the forecast Monday night

  Quiet weekend weather followed by increasing rain chances

  Clouds keep temperatures in check

  Thursday brings fair rain chances too

  Pretty nice weather for late July

  Hit & Miss thunderstorms possible through midweek

  A little less heat, a little less humidity

  Abundant sunshine expected for the weekend

  Rain chances have evaporated from the forecast

  Another chance of late-night, early-morning rain

  Watching overnight thunderstorms, Wednesday morning rain chances

  Best rain chances will be while we’re sleeping

  Stray showers possible Sunday night

  Saturday will be our hottest of the year