Opioid conference continues in Duncan

  MedWatch: World Breastfeeding Week

  Lawton nursing home puts on fashion show to raise funds for upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer’s

  Viral livestock disease confirmed in Tillman Co.

  MedWatch: Gastrointestinal clinic offers digestive disorder care

  MedWatch: Walk to End Alzheimer’s of SWOK serves two purposes

Continued Coverage

  MedWatch: Cancer Centers of SWOK receive award

  MedWatch: Spirit of Survival kickoff starting soon

  MedWatch: McMahon Tomlinson Nursing & Rehab Center long term care

  Report says Oklahoma has more medical marijuana patients than any other state

  MedWatch: Teens volunteer at hospital during summer vacation

  MedWatch: Lawton’s 8th Annual Tomato Festival

  MedWatch: Therapists work with patients in Skilled Unit

The McMahon Tomlinson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center skilled unit is for patients who need short term care and rehab.

  MedWatch: CMV infection can affect any pregnant woman

According to the national CMV website, congenital cytomegalovirus is the most common viral infection, and the leading non-genetic cause of hearing loss, that infants are born with in the United States. Every pregnant woman is at risk of getting it. But only 9% of women know about it.

  Alzheimer’s Association continues 6-part education series

People in Lawton and Duncan learned more about Alzheimers and Dementia at part two of a six-part series Tuesday.

  MedWatch: National EMS Week

National EMS Week was May 19-25th. It was a week to celebrate EMS workers and the important job they have in our communities.

  Comanche County Memorial Hospital hosts stroke awareness luncheon

Oklahoma confirms first measles case, in Okmulgee County

  MedWatch: Skin cancer prevention tips and warning signs

  MedWatch: CCMH hosting blood drive

  MedWatch: Soldier becomes organ donor after passing

  MedWatch: Woman spreads awareness of organ donation

  Lawton clinic offers healthcare to patients without health insurance

The Hearts that Care Clinic at 3rd and A avenue in Lawton is a non-profit that provides medical care for those without health insurance.

  MedWatch: Jersey Mike’s donates to CCMH foundation

March is the month of giving, and the Comanche County Memorial Hospital foundation has partnered with Jersey Mikes in Lawton to raise money for the Starlight Unit.

  MedWatch: CCMH Chaplains design bereavement education program

The death of a loved one is never easy, and for some, the grieving process takes a lot longer. Now, Comanche County Memorial Hospital has a new program to help you in your healing journey.

  MedWatch: Heart valve disease

Heart valve disease is when one or more of the valves in your heart doesn't work properly. Sometimes it can requires surgery to repair or replace it.

  MedWatch: Childhood obesity raising risk of diabetes

March is Nutrition awareness month, and for diabetic people, nutrition can play a big part in quality of life.

  MedWatch: Not too late for flu shot

Go get your flu vaccine. Doctor's can't say it enough. Flu season is from September to May, and doctors say it's not too late for the flu shot.

  MedWatch: Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease is the blockage of the arteries to the heart, that decreases the blood flow. It's a disease that can be deadly, but Doctors say it's preventable.

  Patients Right to Pharmacy Choice Act" passed after a vote on the Oklahoma House Floor

It's designed to give Oklahomans more freedom to choose where they have their prescriptions filled and potentially get them at a lower price.

  Have bad breath? You could be making it worse. Here’s how.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, up to 80 million people suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath.

GRAPHIC: FDA warns against using ‘vampire plasma’ to reverse aging

The movement to look and feel younger continues to be big business – but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down.

Scientists discover how to make immune cells better at killing cancer

Scientists have discovered by fixing a defect in 'killer T cells,' they could actual help the fight against cancer.

Spain is the world’s healthiest country – the U.S. did not make the top 20

The U.S. dropped a spot because of deaths due to drug overdoses.

  MedWatch: Heart bypass surgery is most common heart surgery

Heart bypass surgery is the most common type of heart surgery performed on adults. Doctors say it's relatively safe and an effective procedure that reduces the risk of heart attack and death.

  MedWatch: Congestive Heart Failure

Heart failure happens when the heart cannot pump enough blood and oxygen to support the needs of your body. It's a serious condition, but it's not necessarily a death sentence.

  MedWatch: Doctor’s warn about Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a medical condition that if left untreated, can have deadly consequences. Doctor's say it is often under-diagnosed, but it is preventable.

  MedWatch: Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral arterial disease or PAD, is blockage of the arteries to the legs, arms, and head.

  MedWatch: Local physician has concerns over opioid prescribing restrictions

The opioid crisis is a nationwide problem, but legislators in Oklahoma passed a bill to help regulate opioid prescriptions. One local physician says the bill comes with challenges.

  MedWatch: Group uses dogs as form of therapy for patients

One local non-profit is using dogs as a form of therapy to provide comfort and companionship to patients who might need a bit of puppy love.

  MedWatch: Organ donor families honor loved ones with quilt

Oklahoma has one of the highest number of registered organ donors in the country. However, there's still about 700 people in the state, and 114,000 in the country waiting for their second chance at life.

  MedWatch: Donor breast milk available through OK Mother’s Milk Bank

A Mother's own milk is always preferred, however when this is not available, donor milk may be the best option.

Santa honors boy’s Christmas wish by bringing $1,200 for cancer research

After an 8-year-old asked Santa to borrow money for kids with cancer, word spread quickly among family friends and colleagues, and the boy found $1,200 under the tree Christmas morning.

Blood pressure medication recalled due to ‘unexpected impurity’

According to the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited is voluntarily recalling two lots of Losartan potassium tablets,

Doctors baffled after 11-year-old girl’s brain tumor disappears

Even after double-checking the girl’s brain scans to confirm the results, doctors could find no trace of her tumor, which they say they can’t explain.

Most drug overdoses involve fentanyl, CDC finds

The study found illicit drugs like fentanyl, heroin and cocaine were the leading causes of unintentional overdoses, and prescription drugs were more likely to be involved in suicidal overdoses.

  MedWatch: Holiday Candlelight Remembrance Ceremony

Losing a loved one is hard, especially around the holidays. Hospice officials have some tips on how to deal with the loss of a family member the holiday season.

  MedWatch: Circle of Caring Program

The Circle of Caring Program at CCMH is to help recognize and honor the staff for their exceptional care. It's awarded to them by the patient.

  MedWatch: The dangers of Juuling

If you don't know what juuling is, your kids probably do. Its an e-cigarette that's exploding in popularity.

  Local doctor remembered after deadly crash on Wednesday

Some patients are mourning the loss of their Lawton doctor after she died in a car crash during her commute to work from Oklahoma City.

  MedWatch: The Great American Smokeout

The Great American Smokeout happens on the third Thursday of every November.

FDA recalls blood pressure medication due to possible risk of cancer

The FDA advises consumers to continue using the medication until their pharmacist provides a replacement or their doctor provides an alternative treatment option.

  MedWatch: Palliative Care at CCMH

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care month. However, hospice and palliative care are NOT one and the same.

  MedWatch: National Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness month, and the medical community wants to use this time to help eliminate the stigma surrounding diabetes by educating people.

  MedWatch: NICU reunion

MedWatch: NICU reunion

  MedWatch: Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehab Center Reunion Courage Award recipient

The Annual Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehab Reunion is held every year to celebrate the success of their rehab patients. Each year a courage award is given to the patient who has shown the most strength and perseverance. That patient this year was Gloria Dille.

  MedWatch: Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehab Center utilizes Easy Street

The Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at CCMH is helping patients recover using what they call the "Easy Street."

  MedWatch: Fastest testing for breast cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month and Comanche County Memorial Hospital is the only hospital to offer the fastest testing for breast cancer in southwest Oklahoma.

  MEDWATCH: Mother and daughter train for Spirit of Survival

Whether you're running the Spirit of Survival to be healthy or to honor someone you know who has cancer, the proceeds all go to the same place--The Cancer Centers of SWOK.

GRAPHIC: ‘Black, hairy tongue’: Yes, this really happens

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine said a 55-year-old woman developed the tongue condition as a side-effect to treatment of a wound infection she developed after sustaining severe leg injuries in an auto accident.

  MEDWATCH: Cancer Centers of SWOK provide free patient transportation service

The Cancer Centers of SWOK serve patients from Altus, Lawton and Duncan. For patients who can't drive themselves to treatment, there's another way to get there. It's through the free transportation service the centers provide.

Okla AG Mike Hunter sends letter to OSDH advising them to amend marijuana rules

In a letter sent on Wednesday, the attorney general said the role of the board in limiting the forms of marijuana products is limited to "to food and safety standards that are in line with food preparation guidelines, not prohibiting the sale of smokable, vapable, edible or other forms of marijuana."

Flu deaths rise to 228 in Oklahoma

The number of deaths in the state has reached 228, with over 4,300 people being hospitalized for the flu since September 1, 2017.

MEDWATCH: How to prevent heart disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year, that's 1 in every 4 deaths.

Medwatch - Aspirin: Friend of Foe?

February is heart month, and doctor's at Comanche County Memorial Hospital wants you to know just how to keep your heart healthy.

Body of drowning victim recovered in eastern Oklahoma lake

The body of a California man has been recovered after he apparently drowned in an eastern Oklahoma lake.

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