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  MAKENZIE’S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Mountain Biking in Medicine Park

In Makenzie's latest Outdoor adventure she tested her limits as she tried her hand at mountain biking in Medicine Park.


  SPECIAL REPORT: ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ set to bring Okla. film industry into the spotlight

  MAKENZIE’S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Truths about trapping

  Pediatric patients receive therapy from Speech Language Pathologist at West Texas Rehab

  West Texas Rehab helps man walk again

  MAKENZIE’S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: The next generation of hunters

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  In Studio: Fort Sill Commanding General Major General Wilson Shoffner


  MAKENZIE’S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Hog hunting with thermal imaging scopes

  Crime Stoppers learn value of open communication across state lines

  Crime Stoppers of SWOK app adds extra level of security

  7News talks with Gray TV’s Greta Van Susteren about new show


There are many ways to catch a fish...whether it's with a pole or with your hands.But one of the more unique ways is to use a bow and arrow. It's called bowfishing, and it's the latest edition of Makenzie's Outdoor Adventures.


Frog hunting is a favorite outdoor pastime for many, and it's the latest edition of Makenzie's Outdoor Adventures.

  PROTECT and SERVE, Ep. 4: Dog in the chicken coop

A Stephens County deputy is called to a rural home after the resident says a neighbors dog killed his chickens.

  MAKENZIE’S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Benefits of prescribed burns

From plants to wildlife, there are many benefits to a prescribed burn.7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk participated in one this month as part of her Outdoor Adventures.

  PROTECT and SERVE, Ep. 3: Stephens County Search Warrant

  MAKENZIE’S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Striped bass at Lake Texoma

  Justice sought 25 years after Duncan man’s murder in Tatums


  PROTECT AND SERVE, Ep. 2: Oklahoma Highway Patrol

  DIGITAL EXTRA: Rep. Tom Cole talks to our D.C. bureau about the Mueller report

  DIGITAL SPECIAL: Battle on our Border

Our sister station, KWTX, visited the U.S.-Mexico border and saw firsthand the challenges faced by U.S. Border Agents and the migrants who risk everything to make it to America.

  DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Sen. James Lankford’s complete interview

Sen. James Lankford was in Elgin on Friday and spoke to us about a variety of issues.

  DIGITAL EXTRA: Major General Shoffner gives more insight into officer training at Fort Sill

Learn more about officer training at Fort Sill

PROTECT AND SERVE, Ep. 1: Fort Sill Fire

In the first episode of "Protect and Serve" we joined the Fort Sill Fire Department as they conducted a prescribed burn to prepare for this weekend's Destry Horton Fire School.

  Trail Of Hope - The Struggle To Vote

The Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution declares “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

  Trail Of Hope - The Struggle For Equality

At the dawn of the 20th century, America is a racially divided country.

  Trail Of Hope - The Journey To Equality

The journey toward civil rights for all Americans winds its way through rural courthouses and bus stations, southern schools and jail cells, and churches that organized a courageous movement that ended segregation.