UPDATE: Last day for Oklahoma's Sales Tax Holiday

OKLAHOMA - Today is the last day for you to go shopping tax-free. Oklahoma's Sales Tax Holiday started Friday morning and ends today.  Shoppers can buy clothes and shoes with no sales tax, that includes both state and local taxes, so long as the is less than $100.

Lawton shoppers are taking advantage. Local retailers say they have been bustling with shoppers all weekend.

"Oh, it has been exhausting. We have been busy since 10 a.m. and it has been non-stop," said Crystal Reed, JC Penney Sales Manager.

"I love saving money!" exclaimed one shopper.

Saving money is exactly what that shopper is doing. At one store, she saved more than $60 by not paying sales taxes and using coupons.

Reed says customers do not only get to forego sales taxes, companies are giving customers extra incentives this weekend, too.

"Additional percents off of our merchandise and right now we're doing coupons $10 off $50, $15 off $75," said Reed.

All of this adds up to great bargains for shoppers and great sales for retailers.

"I think we'll actually have a sales gain.  I think we'll do good the whole week. I don't know as far as dollar amount, but I do see at least a 5% gain," said Reed.

The incentives are so tempting customers are buying several items.

"It was some clothes for him. He's got to be cool you know," said a shopper.

"We have polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and pants, church pants," said another.

They were just some of the shoppers that have cashed in on the tax-free holiday.

"We tried to come out early so we could beat most of the rush and it looks like that's what we've done," a shopper explained.

Reed says many stores are extending their hours this weekend.  However, shoppers need to recognize that the tax break only applies to clothes and shoes less than $100.

Again, Oklahoma's Sales Tax Holiday runs until tonight at midnight.  If you would like to see the list of what is allowed or what is not, go to http://www.tax.ok.gov/upmin062510.html