UPDATE: Firefighters battle 1,500+ acre fire on range, refuge

FORT SILL – At 9:45pm Tuesday, firefighters were recalled to the Treasure Lakes Job Corps site to begin back burns to protect all buildings and facilities there being threatened by a brush fire that began on Fort Sill a few hours earlier.

Some 200 students and staff were evacuated Tuesday afternoon when the fire got within a mile and a half of the campus.  They were taken to Indiahoma School, where the Red Cross is feeding them, and has provided cots for them.  A decision on when they'll return to the Job Corps site depends upon the fire's progress.

The fire began on the Quanah Parker Impact Area on Fort Sill, and eventually burned approximately 1,500 acres.  It spread north, and firefighters from several Comanche County departments joined the fight.

Five firefighters, 2 brush trucks, and 1 tanker from Fort Sill were initially assigned to the Wildlife Refuge side of the fire to work on Job Corps Road east, back to Fort Sill.

On the Fort Sill side, there were 13 firefighters, 6 Fort Sill Fish and Wildlife personnel, 6 brush trucks, 1 tanker and 1 command vehicle.

By 7:30, the fire in the impact area was out, and the Fort Sill Fire Chief recalled his half his troops to recoup, and the other half split duty between fighting the fire at the Wildlife Refuge and monitoring hot spots on the Quanah Parker Impact Area. 

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