New twist in Charles Dyer case

Stephens County_Charles Dyer is involved with the law again, but this time he stands as the accuser, just one week after a mistrial in his child sex abuse case.

The grandfather of the 7-year-old girl who accused Dyer of raping her over a year ago, was arrested this week after Dyer told the Stephens County Sheriff's Department that the man had pointed a gun at him.

"Our job is not to say who is guilty or who is innocent.  Our job is to enforce the law.  Our job is to make sure both parties are safe until we let our justice system work its course," said Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

According to Dyer, he was driving down the road when the grandfather pulled next to him and pointed a gun.

The grandfather claims he did in fact drive next to Dyer, but that he only pointed a finger at him while they both exchanged words. The grandfather was arrested after sheriff's deputies found a gun in his car. The two are expected to return to court for both the retrial of Charles Dyer in August, and for the preliminary hearing involving the grandfather's arrest.