Storm damage in Kiowa County

Kiowa County_Thursday night's severe storms left a trail of damage in their path. In Kiowa County, high winds and large hail caused extensive damage to several homes and buildings. Meteorologists say it's possible the damage could have been caused by a tornado, or strong straight line winds. Weather officials will survey the damage to make a formal determination.

Cheryl Zimmerman lost her roof to the storm, and was home when it happened.

"It got extremely loud and it's just like your senses took over and told you it was dangerous," Zimmerman said.

She says she immediately went into her bathroom to take cover, where she could hear the sounds of the screeching metal as her roof was being ripped off of her house

"It's a heavy metal roof on steel posts with concrete and it just pulled them out like they were matchsticks"

Local radio personality Nancy Mace knows just how Zimmerman feels. She lives about a mile down the road. She says she could see the storm on the horizon.

"Then I started getting all of these text messages, saying, 'It's coming right at you, it's coming right at you.'  And I was home by myself."

She took cover in a closet and could hear the heavy hail.

"It just sounded like somebody standing right outside the house beating on the house with a bat," Mace said.

She waited in fear until the storm passed.

"I went outside to survey the damage and I found hailstones the size of a tennis ball and my barn was laying on its roof."

Her barn was thrown almost two hundred feet into her neighbor's yard.

Both Zimmerman and Mace say they're happy to be alive, but they can't help but think of the irony.

"We've been praying for rain. Must have prayed too hard," Zimmerman laughed.

"I said something about living in Oklahoma since 1998 and I had never seen a tornado and then look what happens to me," Mace said.

The severe storms also swept through nearby Comanche County.  Statewide, no injuries were reported.