Lawton police arrest intruder

Lawton_A Lawton woman says she woke up to a nightmare when a man entered her home near Northwest 25th and Gore Boulevard and woke her just after five Friday morning.

Police arrested Gaylyn Martin, who they say is known throughout Lawton as an avid drug user.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said Martin did not hurt her, but insisted on using her phone and tried to take her money and have her give him a ride to the store. She says she pushed him out of her house, only to have him try to get back in.

She says he woke her by gently poking her in her side.

"He looked comfortable. I guess that's the word to use. He acted like this was his house and he was going to run it how he wanted to," the woman said.

She said Martin told her he needed her to take him to the store and that he needed to use the phone. She says somehow she was able to shove him out of her house.

"It's just like it's a do-or-die situation. You either get this person out of your house or things will get worse."

She says once she locked the door, she hid in her bathtub and called a friend, who rushed over. Seconds later, Martin returned.

"Then, he came knocking on my door, screaming, 'You need to let me back in'."

That's when she called 911 and police came to the rescue and arrested Martin.

"All I could do is cry because you never think that something like that could happen to you and then it does and you're the lucky one that survives."

Police say Martin has been arrested in Lawton nearly 50 times for charges ranging from drug use to burglary, and assault.