Memorial Day at Fort Sill

Fort Sill_Fort Sill paid homage to heroes who fought for our freedom on this Memorial Day.

The 77th Army Band performed, the color guard posted the colors and the traditional wreath was laid to remember those who fought for our freedom.

Commanding General David Halverson gave the keynote address where he emphasized today as a day to reflect on the idea that freedom is not free and to remember the stories of those who serve.

Vietnam veteran Larry King placed a blue flower on the traditional wreath during today's ceremony. King was a supplier in Vietnam.

"You got all the troops in the field and they stay in the field. So you have to resupply them everyday. They have to have hand grenades and weapons and you make sure you resupply food out there."

King says since he supplied the infantry he had to move with the infantry.

"The infantry moves all the time and if you stay out with them at night, you have to dig your foxhole everyday. So you're relocating every day. A guy came in and he had a piece of shrapnel about an inch wide and three or four inches long that he said he found in the foxhole where I slept the night before"

Along with being a supplier to keep people alive, he also had another tough task once they were dead.

"When one got killed and they brought him in, I had to go do a positive ID on him and take all his personal effects and ship them back to the states to next of kin."

Next of kin are still being notified today, as battles rage on in Afghanistan and Iraq, a fact not lost on Fort Sill's commander, Major General David Halverson.

"I think the big thing for me to reflect on this year is we're still a nation at war. We're going on 10 years since 9/11. It's been almost 10 years and we're still at war."

This service reminds King exactly what war is.

"It's some of the things you can relate back to when you was in combat or when you was in service or your friends and you can think of some of your buddies then that you don't normally think of every day."