UPDATE: Firefighters battle massive wildfire

MEERS, Okla. – The fire near Meers that started Sunday around 5 p.m. is under control, that according to the Meers Volunteer Fire Chief.

Fire Chief Bill Cunningham says the massive fire brought out dozens of firefighters and burned at least three to four hundred acres.  The good news, no structures were burned and no people were harmed.

One firefighter did go to the hospital for heat exhaustion but he is ok.  Right now they say the fire is virtually contained.  Today firefighters were closely monitoring the area.  They say 100 plus degree heat and 35 mph winds have made even a contained fire unstable.

"The higher the heat, the lower the humidity the easier it burns.  Anything burns," said Cunningham.

Cunningham says even though it is contained, it will take a few more days before they can call the fire over.