Did you Know?

In today's increasing mobile society, many homes no longer have home phone service,
or only have a basic line for the alarm system. We offer systems without requiring a
land line hook-up. Technology and mobile phone service has made advances to where
your home alarm can be linked to our monitoring service via a cellular unit in you
control box. You can also have this cellular unit installed in your alarm as a backup in
case regular phone lines should ever go down.

Basic Alarm Systems

We feature the DSC Power Series 1832 alarm system for our basic home installation.
This series has the ability monitor up to 8 zoned keypads and is expandable to
handle anywhere from 8 – 32 zones. Please click on this link for a more complete
explanation of what this system can do for you, just control click on the following link
and click on video on the right hand side and user video. www.dsc.com/index.php?

Commercial and Fire Alarm Systems

Needing to feel more secure about fire protection in your home? Have a business that
you need security and fire monitoring on? We can handle that too! We have several
different types of systems that can handle the monitoring of your business while open
or closed and also have fire alarms for both residential and commercial properties. The
same 24/7 monitoring is there for your peace of mind. We will gladly come out and
give you a free estimate to meet your needs.

Other Services Offered

Most all homeowners can receive an additional discount on their homeowners insurance
by installing an alarm system. We will gladly supply a certificate for your insurance

Sooner Security can also install and service a wide variety of closed circuit surveillance
and monitoring cameras for your needs.

We also offer a Medical alert button for anyone who feels they need to have a one
touch alert for assistance, be they elderly, live by themselves, or for health issues.

We would be glad to explain more about these services when you call us at 248-0900.