Red roses are your classic expression of love and romance, but roses can come in different colors and represent other feelings.

Some of the most popular colors include:

1) Red can mean love and passion. It can also represent youth, courage, desire,

admiration, constancy and respect.

2) Yellow symbolizes happiness, friendship, enthusiasm, luxury and success.

3) Pink represents elegance. Like red roses, they can mean love and passion. Pink

roses can also mean delicacy, grace, admiration, gratitude, and appreciation.

4) White roses can express peace and purity. It can represent heavenly and sincere feelings. Plus, it can symbolize innocence and silence.

These are just four of the most popular colors. Other colors can include orange,
lavender, and blue. Each of these colors has their own symbolism that could be
perfect for what you're trying to express to the recipient.

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