68th Annual Rush Springs Watermelon Festival attracts big crowd

Rush Springs, OKLa._

Watermelon is the perfect summertime treat that's both tasty and good for you, not to mention thirst quenching, in the heat of the summer.

Saturday people from across the country head to Rush Springs in hopes of sinking their teeth in the juicy fruit during the 68th Annual Rush Springs Watermelon Festival.

A record setting two hundred and fourteen pound watermelon was the festival's biggest attraction.

"I took a picture on my phone so I could sent it to my friend up in Las Vegas because he loves watermelon, he's not going to believe they grow them that big down here," Ginger Woods said.

It's hard to believe the survival of the melons were in question after facing triple digit heat in addition to this year's lack of rainfall.

"The drought did effect the melons overall, they are quite a bit smaller and we have few to serve, but the growers came through and we really had a great crop of farmers that were willing to help out this year and it's been a really great watermelon festival," State Representative Joe Dorman said.

Heather Attebery attended the festival for the first time and she said along with many others that she was grateful for each and every bite that survived the harsh weather.

"It's great, it's fun free watermelon."

"Very good, it's really good."

"Good,real good."

"We were looking for ice cream but, we got watermelon."

While most people come to eat watermelon, others including last year's contest winner Leon Leal have a different agenda, one that he said many frown upon---seed spitting.

"You don't hear,it's like when you have a lugie and go, I just do a lot of huffing and puffing and practice."

Each year the festival drawd around thirty thousand people, an event so large a queen is appointed.

"Some people just never know about it and they don't really know what to do and you tell them about it and they're like oh yeah you knowIi need to come to that so it's really not too hard, free watermelon, they're like okay."