Medicine Park Mayor throws his 6th annual Blues Ball

MEDICINE PARK, OK._The main stage in downtown Medicine Park was littered with lawn chairs Friday night at the opening night of the Mayor's Blues Ball.

Six years ago, the event started as a way to raise funds after fires or ice storms, but now the events purpose is simply to bring folks together to celebrate music, friends and the unique town nestled into the Wichita Mountain Range.

It may be the Mayor's Blues Ball but he takes no credit.

He says the weekend would not be possible without the long list of sponsors, and of course, the local and regional talent that people from all over the region come to dance to.

Medicine Park Mayor Dwight Cope loves a good party, and his parties are becoming more and more well-attended.

The small art community is getting some national recognition.

"Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, in the region and it's even starting to...some neighbors have some friends from Ohio down," said Cope.

Mayor Cope loves the notoriety, but he loves the music more.

To the mayor, it does not get any better than the blues.

"Well, BB King said it ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad," said Cope.

In fact, the mayor has dedicated his life to spreading the love of music.

He is a sixth grade music appreciation teacher.

"I try to convey to them that it's a major part of life. It's a part of our social being, and it's what makes us feel good a lot of the time," said Cope.

To Mayor Cope, Medicine Park and music are the perfect duo.

"Medicine Park is a special place and I've said that a lot of times before. It's got its own soul and its own vibe. People come here anyway, but the music is just that much more of a reason to be here," said Cope.

Friday was the first night of the ball and the music did not stop until midnight.

Saturday, the ball kicks off at noon and will not slow down until midnight, and Sunday is ladies night...from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

The Mayor's Blues Ball is free to the public and is family friendly.