Comanche Co. Health Department Teaches Car Seat Safety

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ The Comanche County Health Department in Lawton offered life safety lessons Friday.

The department, along with the Safe Kids Organization, offered free car seats and free car seat safety checks to anyone who stopped by. A staggering 4/5 car seats are incorrectly installed, so not only did safe kids install and check car seats, but they taught parents how to correctly install them as well.

One mother said what she learned today was priceless.

"I didn't know that the toys you can hang up on the infant car seat are considered projectiles," parent Leighann Williams said. "So, if you have a wreck or something like that, it could hit the child. I didn't know that. So, there will be not be any of those toys on any of her car seats from now on."

Williams said she'll be back when her baby needs a new car seat and urges other parents to take advantage of these events.

"This makes it easy," Williams said. "They come, they put it in, and they show you how to do it properly."

If you missed the event Friday, don't worry. You can go to health department at any time to have your car seats checked. These giveaway events come around twice a year.