Man Found Dead in Indiahoma Home

INDIAHOMA Okla_ A local man believed to have been dead for over a month was found in his bed in Indiahoma.

56-year-old Glenn Wheeler had not been seen around town for a couple of weeks, so the officers went on what's called a "welfare check" and discovered him in his home. They do not know the official cause of death at this time, but they have no reason to suspect foul play.

Wheeler lived at the end of a very quiet street with few neighbors. His home is one you would almost have to go out of your way to pass. Police said his closest relative is his elderly mother who lives in a nursing home out of town. So sadly, it may have just taken this long for anyone to notice he was missing.

People in the town of Indiahoma who knew of Glenn Wheeler said they saw him for years, but never really knew much about him. They said they never thought he was a bad guy, though.

"He lived there by himself," Comanche County Kenny Stradley said. "Every once in a while, his mother would come visit, but basically he was a loner."

Wheeler frequented an Indiahoma convenience store. He'd come in a couple of times per week, sit at the same table, have a cup of coffee and talk with employees about the day. They said he had stopped showing up, which is why they started to wonder if something had happened. They decided to contact the police.

"We went out and took a look at the place," Stradley said. "His vehicle was there in the driveway, and we couldn't get in any of the windows. So, we went ahead and went through the front door."

It was there they found Wheeler deceased in his bed. There was no sign of struggle or a break in. In fact, the only sign pointing to something out of the ordinary was his mailbox. It was packed full of mail.

"We checked his mail," Stradley said. "The last time I believe he had gotten his mail it was from July 2nd."

His elderly mother told police she hasn't known her son to have any type of health problems, leaving the cause of death a mystery. His body has been sent to Oklahoma City for an autopsy. Sheriff Stradley suspects it could've been the heat, but they can't say for sure.

"It's usually older people we get the calls on," Stradley said. "Him being 56, to me that's not very old. It was pretty hot in there. He just had a little small box fan that was blowing directly on him."

Stradley also said this situation serves as an unfortunate reminder of how important it is to keep an eye on your neighbors during the hotter months, especially the elderly.

"The heat's pretty bad," Stradley said. "Some of them don't have any air conditioning or anything like that. This heat can get you. So, if you do have an elderly neighbor around you, please keep an eye on them. If something doesn't look right, give us a call. We'll come check."

7News spoke with an official from the post office about their protocol concerning customers that are letting their mail pile up. We learned there is no written policy, but if they notice it accumulating, they'll usually hold it at the station. The post office said they do not make a habit of contacting police in those situations, unless they have reason to believe something has gone wrong.

Stradley said they will continue to investigate the situation until they get a final ruling from the medical examiner on the official cause of death.