Rally in OKC for little Veronica

OKC,Okla_A rally Monday at the state capitol in support of a Cherokee Nation girl at the center of a custody dispute.

Those who say the courts should decide to keep 3-year-old Veronica in Oklahoma said they felt it was important not only to  show support for the child, her biological father, Dusten Brown, and the Indian Child Welfare Act, but to protect Native American interests, as a whole.

Chevon Kernell of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma spoke about this importance.

"There has been an aggressive attack on to take some of our children throughout  history and this is kind of a similar circumstance, ironic as it may be, here in the 21st century.  So, what we want to do is send a message to our community to say that we think that raising our native children in a native home is crucial and vital to the survival of our culture and identity," said Kernell.

Both the child's biological father, and the South Carolina couple who adopted her at birth have filed a mediation agreement in the case, but the contents are sealed.