Duncan Residents More Aware of Surroundings

Duncan, Ok_Several Duncan residents said, Friday, they're saddened about the events that occurred in their town and as a result, they've become more aware of and sensitive to their everyday surroundings.

Rob Seib heard of last week's incidents soon after arriving in Duncan and said it's made him  leery about the people around him.  "You see someone with a backpack or someone who looks a little more dangerous than another person...just kinda hurts the community when something like that happens," said Seib.  "It just scares me."

Resident Courtney McGill visited Christopher Lane's makeshift memorial and said as a young mother she's thought twice before taking her son outdoors.   "It makes me feel sad because we used to be able to go outside or go for a jog or something and we'd be able to do it but now its like we can't even walk outside or look outside for anything. I don't want my son to live in this environment. I know it's everywhere you go, but I don't want him to think he can't go outside and play without someone coming over and killing him," Seib said.

We also spoke to one woman who did not want to go on camera but told us that she felt as though the city is slowly on the road to healing after being knocked down.

As for Rob, he said it's a scenario that's all too familiar as he recalled being near the Aurora, Colorado shootings last year.  "It was just kind of a somber feeling through the whole town..."  He said he won't back down because of fear but will continue to err on the side of caution.

"I definitely am not going to be stopped from going outside but it definitely puts you on your toes that you really have no idea what other people are capable of doing.  It's just something that crosses your mind now when you go outside and anywhere for that matter.  It's hard to go on with day-to-day living but it's just something you have to do."

7News also spoke with Lori Mirth with the Simmons recreation center who said people are using the center the same as before and she agreed the City is on the road to healing.