Racial Divide Over Shooting

Duncan, Ok_While much of Duncan stands united during Friday's unity vigil, many other residents and people across the globe say the town and even country remain divided by race.

Social media, including our own 7news facebook page, has been flooded with thousands of posts following the death of Christopher lane.  Some believe his death was racially fueled while others disagree.

The crime has not only outraged the City of Duncan and Lane's native Australia but it has also angered people around the globe.  At this time, authorities say the shooting was a random act of violence but people ranging from the Reverend Al Sharpton to white supremacists are sounding off via social media.

Duncan residents said the dynamic in this small town has been shaken to its core.  "It's been crazy all you hear about is people wanting to move out of Duncan," said one Duncan resident.

She said following the arrests of the three teens believed to have been involved in Lane's death has in fact stirred racial tensions especially since the unrelated killing of 14-year-old Alyssa Wiles back in June.  "The white kid gets a bond, but the black kids have no bond, how come the white kid's getting tried as a juvenile and the blacks as adults?," the resident asked.

Some differing opinions have been shared on our own facebook page.   Some say the shooting was racially fueled, while others say it wasn't and some aren't sure.  In the meantime, while some extremists continue to stoke the fire as to why the shooting happened, or as to who is responsible, another Duncan resident Wanda Brown said the answer isn't black or white but rather something divine.

"We are no longer allowed to say under God in the pledge of allegiance, we don't display the 10 commandments and the ten commandments have nothing to do with the bible necessarily, those are just good rules that our country, do not steal, do not kill, those are all things that are a legal foundation for our country," said Brown.

She said while the finger is pointing to the 3 boys, others could also be to blame.  "I don't think it takes a community to raise a child, I think it takes parents to raise a child and a lot of that has changed, a lot of parents not all, have laid that at the door of the school making it a teachers responsibility to and it takes parents guiding and leading them too," Brown said.

Rumors have swirled throughout the week that Reverend Jesse Jackson was expected to travel to Duncan.   So far they've only been rumors.