Couple Fights Off Home Invaders

Published: Oct. 7, 2013 at 10:10 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 16, 2013 at 3:02 PM CDT
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LAWTON Okla_ A victim of a horrifying home invasion in Lawton this weekend is speaking out. He said he was at home Sunday morning when three men stormed his house with a shotgun.

The suspects were still at large Monday. It happened around 3:00AM Sunday just west of Northwest 82nd Street. The victim told police he was watching TV in his living room, when the home's security alarm was tripped. That's when he looked to his front door. He said within seconds, he was fighting for his life.

He is battered and bruised and even suffered a broken wrist after he was able to wrestle a shotgun away from one of the suspects. He said throughout the attack, his wife was upstairs sleeping. He said he's just glad that he and his wife are alive and hopes the suspects are brought to justice.

From the second his front door was kicked in, David Nottingham said it was clear the men were up to no good.

"About the time I had gotten to the front door, they had kicked the door in," Nottingham said. "There were three guys coming in, and they were yelling, 'This is a home invasion!'" Nottingham said.

Nottingham said he didn't recognize the suspects but doesn't think he was a victim of a random home invasion. He said once inside, two men started straight towards his living room, while a third stood at the front door armed with a shotgun. That's when Nottingham made his move.

"I was standing there looking at him," Nottingham said. "He pointed that shotgun at me and aimed it at me, but I felt like I was close enough, so I grabbed it."

Nottingham said the struggle only lasted minutes, but it felt life a lifetime. The struggle continued outside of his home. He said he knew he had to get to the street to flag someone down and tried to get to the busy road in front of his home.

"I was getting tired," Nottingham said. "I thought I could just go across my yard to get to 82nd Street, but our gate was closed. I remember thinking, 'How am I going to get that gate open?'"

Before he could get to the gate, two of the men jumped on top of him and started beating him. Nottingham's wife was still in the house, but when the two men that were outside heard her yelling, they ran off.

Nottingham said he knew a third suspect was still inside.

"My wife was still in the house," Nottingham said. "By then, she had got her gun. She was yelling, 'I have my gun out, and its cocked and loaded. I'm going to fire it.'"

Nottingham said after his wife shouted those words, the remaining suspect took off out of the garage door. Tracking dogs were brought and tracked the suspects scent to a nearby creek. During the home invasion, Nottingham said the suspects didn't steal anything.

Police said a truck was captured on surveillance footage, but it has not been identified. Police are now following up on several leads.