OK Bureau of Narcotics: Krokodil Not Suspected in 2012 Duncan Deaths

Duncan, Okla._A new flesh-eating drug has come to the United States, and
investigators want to know if it's connected to a pair of deaths in
southwest Oklahoma.

It's a form of meth called "Krokodil," and the effects it can have on
users' bodies are shocking.

The aftermath of the drug's effects are extremely hard to look at.
They almost look like images from a zombie movie, or leprosy.  A
recent report from an Oklahoma City TV station suggested Krokodil
could be linked to the death of Duncan resident Justin McGee.  So, we
decided to dig a little further into the investigation.  We spoke with
police as well as the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics today and they say
the drug Krokodil as the cause of McGee's death is a long shot. Again,
we want to warn you, the images are very graphic, so parents, you
might not want your kids to see these pictures.  But we think it's
important for you to see them, so you know just how dangerous this
drug is.

It's called "Krokodil" and its heroin-like high eats users from the
inside out -- literally. Having originated in Russia, the drug's main
ingredient is desomorphine, a chemical commonly made from codeine
pills mixed with gasoline, paint thinner and other man-made items. It
causes devastating effects like severe deterioration and scaly
appearance of the skin and limb loss. According to Duncan Police and
the Medical Examiner's toxicology report, Justin McGee had traces of
methamphetamine in his system, but missing was that main Krokodil
ingredient, desomorphine. His official cause of death was ruled

We spoke to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics director mark Woodward who
says with lack of medical confirmation, the case is *not* linked to
Krokodil use at this time. He went on to tell 7News there are no
confirmed cases in the entire state. He says bacterial infections
related to drug overdoses and dirty needles can resemble the
devastating effects that Krokodil is quickly becoming known for.

Today we were not able to get ahold of the Medical Examiner's report for

One other suspected case of the drug in Stephens County. However,
Woodward says he does not suspect Krokodil use in that case either.