Thorsten Rushing named as suspected shooter

LAWTON, Okla. - Lawton Police believe an 18-year-old boy pulled the trigger in last week's double homicide, killing his own father and 13-year-old brother and he didn't act alone.

The latest shocking revelation came Saturday, after police arrested Thorsten Rushing and four of his teenage friends.

Thorsten was in the home the night of the shooting. He told investigators two masked men forced their way into the home armed with guns. He said they opened fire, killing his father and brother. He said he escaped injury after he ran to get a gun and returned fire.

Monday night police said that's a lie and believe Thorsten was the shooter. They believe his four friends were involved.

Between six to eight detectives have been working around the clock on this case since last Monday. And after countless interviews and time spent comparing notes with the Medical Examiner's Office in Oklahoma City, the pieces finally began to fall into place late Friday. And by Saturday afternoon, the five teenagers, police are confident were involved in the crime, were behind bars.

"It has taken everybody by surprise," said Captain Craig Akard. 

It's a crime that has sent shock waves through the Lawton community from day one. A father and his son gunned down inside their home. And then one week later, it comes out that their killer could be their son and brother.

"We are confident that we know that the 18-year-old son is the shooter," said Akard. 

Police are confident that all the teens arrested were involved in the murders in various ways including planning and assisting beforehand, during or afterwards.   

"Some of the boys were involved in the incident from Friday night. And from what we have figured out, something was supposed to happen that night. But when Mr. Rushing came out of the house unexpectedly, those plans had to be changed," said Akard.

Police also have confirmed that one of the teens was inside the home at the time of the murder. And to everyone that knows them, the news is still hard for them to believe.

"It has taken everybody by shock that knows them how this could have happened. From what we understand, they were smart kids. They were polite kids," said Akard. 

And Akard said that while they have talked to all the suspects in custody in varying amounts--- there is still more to be done.

"We are still conducting interviews based on some statements that have been made in the last week or so, especially the last couple of days. There are other people that we have identified that we need to talk to," said Akard.  

Police continue to collect evidence from multiple locations. Captain Akard did say that they have recovered numerous weapons, but at this time they are unsure if any of them are in fact the murder weapon.

Lawton Police plan to present the case the Comanche County District Attorney's Office within the next couple of days.