911 tapes released from Rushing murders

LAWTON, Okla._Last Monday morning, Thorsten called 911 and said someone had come into his family's home and shot his father and brother, Uwe and Stefan Rushing died at the scene.

Up until last weekend, police were searching for the killers, on Saturday they made several shocking arrests. They claim Thorsten and four of his friends were behind the murders and that Thorsten was the trigger man.

He was calm and collected, nothing like you'd expect from someone who witnessed the killing of his father and brother to sound, he didn't seem emotional or frantic and what stood out the most was how long it took him to tell the dispatcher his father and brother had been shot in the head.

"911 what's the address of the emergency?"

"Uh it's 1116 NW Columbia Ave."

It was the start of a six and a half minute phone call between Thorsten Rushing and a 911 dispatcher. Seconds into the phone call Thorsten starts describing to the dispatcher what happened.

"OK, we were all laying down in our living room and some dudes come in with boots, like booty things, on like nurses and doctors."

At this point it's still not clear what the emergency is, it's not until a minute into the phone call the dispatcher learns that two people have been shot, his father and brother. She only learns of their injuries after probing further.

"They fired at us."

"Ok, is anyone hit?"

"Yes my dad and brother are both bleeding, dead, like not moving."

"In the back of the head, they were shot in the back of the head, please hurry!"

"OK sir, you said in the back of the head. Who's shot in the back of the head?"

"Uhh there were two people both about 6 foot..."

"Who was shot in the back of the head you said?"

"My father."

"OK is he awake?"

"No, no he's not!"

"Is he breathing?"

"No he's not breathing."

"OK, who else is shot?"

"My little brother and he's choking right now, he's choking."

"He's struggling, he's really..."

"Is he still breathing?"

"Yes ma'am."

"OK, I'm going to need you to go open the door now ok."

"Yes ma'am."

"Open the door."

"He stopped breathing!"

That's when police arrived and Thorsten got off the phone with the dispatcher. Throughout the six minute call Thorsten tells the dispatch to hurry just once a minute and 15 seconds in and repeatedly tries to describe the intruders as the dispatcher continues to ask him the conditions of his father and brother.