4 Teens Charged in Rushing Murders

LAWTON, Okla_ The state filed two counts of first degree murder against Thorsten Rushing, the 18-year-old accused of shooting and killing his father and brother.

Thorsten and three other teens were charged Thursday in connection to the murders.

Thorsten is also charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder, and is being held under a $5 million dollar bond.

Suspect 19-year-old Ethan Thompson also faces two counts of first degree murder, and also is under a $5 million dollar bond.

The two other teens face charges ranging from conspiracy to being accessories after the fact.

The charges come just over a week after Uwe Rushing and his 13-year-old son Stefan were gunned down inside their Lawton home.

The four teens showed little emotion as they appeared before the judge for the first time. Two of the teens, Ethan Thompson and Timothy Delahoy, appeared with lawyers. The other two, Thorsten Rushing and Cody Davis, did not.

However, the true shock came from the affidavit that detailed startling new information and a new time line for the crime.

It was double murder that the teens said that Thorsten Rushing had been planning for months.

The facts began to emerge during detectives interviews with the 18-year old's friends.

In fact, it was a turning point last Saturday when Delahoy, Thompson, and Davis each confessed in separate interviews to their roles before, during, and after the murders.

All three stated that Thorsten planned the murders, and was in fact the one that pulled the trigger.

Thompson and Davis confessed that the gun, a 9 millimeter glock semi-automatic pistol, was used in the murder.

That gun was located in the glovebox of the vehicle the teens drove to the police department Saturday.

And the most shocking details to surface are that Thompson hid in the closet for several hours Sunday night before Thorsten got his father's 9 millimeter pistol, and shot his father and brother.

Thorsten claimed that Stefan was not "bleeding out fast enough," so he covered his mouth smothering his brother until he was dead.

Thompson then emerged from the closet collecting all the evidence and fleeing the scene with the 17-year-old suspect.

Two shots were staged in the wall to appear that Thorsten had been shot at by intruders.

Then at 2 a.m., Thorsten staged yet another shotgun blast into the wall. He then called 911 more than 45 minutes after the victims were shot.

During their confessions, Lawton Police said that all the teens met only hours after the murders at Thorsten's grandparents house to discuss the murders and the series of events that led up to them.

Thompson and Bankston also discussed that they had burned the evidence, but kept the murder weapon.

The 17-year-old suspect will be in court Friday. The state plans to try him as an adult.