One of Three Suspects in Chris Lane Murder Case Takes Plea Deal

DUNCAN, Okla._One teenager accused of murdering Christopher Lane last August is trying to avoid murder charges by taking the stand and testifying against the other two suspects.

James Edwards, Junior was questioned by prosecutors and defense lawyers for Michael Jones and Chancey Luna today at the Stephens County Courthouse. All three were due in court this morning for their preliminary hearings, however, Judge Jerry Herberger will only decide whether Luna and Jones will stand trial for now.

After hours of discussing the deal with his lawyer and representatives of the Stephens County District Attorney, James Edwards Jr., is hoping that by testifying against Jones and Luna, he will avoid 1st-degree murder charges and plead guilty to accessory to murder after the fact.

Edwards said he was nervous about testifying against his friends and said he wished he wasn't in that position. He recalled Jones and Luna being abnormally quiet that day when they picked him up.

As they passed by Lane jogging on the street, Edwards says Jones swerved the car toward Lane, causing Edwards to fall to the left. He says Luna was then able to shoot Lane from the back seat. Edwards recalls Luna saying "I thought there was supposed to be blanks in the gun." Jones responded, "Me too. I'm sorry."

The third witness in today's preliminary hearing refused to answer any questions without a lawyer present. Once appointed a lawyer, both sides will hear his testimony on February 19th. From there, Judge Herberger will continue the preliminary hearing for Luna and Jones on March 12th.

James Edwards, Jr. will now have a separate preliminary hearing date of May 13th.