Arrest made in Lawton's 6th Homicide

LAWTON, Okla_ Lawton Police have arrested one man in connection to the city's sixth homicide.

Police arrested 40-year-old Stevie Gainey early Saturday morning after interviews with various witnesses and neighbors.

Gainey was one of two people who met with police when they first arrived on the scene Friday.

Gainey is now being held in the Lawton City Jail on a first degree murder complaint.

The victim, Julian Humphrey, was found lying in the floor of his home on SW 26th Street near Lee Boulevard with an apparent gunshot wound just after 1 p.m. Friday afternoon.

There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the death of 21-year-old Julian Humphrey, some we may not find out until the trial.

However, it was determined that the house where the shooting occurred had multiple tenants.

Two of which were the victim, Julian Humphrey and the man arrested, Stevie Gainey.

One tenant of the home and his friend said they were both inside the home during the shooting. The tenant had only the been living in the house since the beginning of the month so he barely knew the victim, Humphrey, or the suspect, Gainey.

He described Humphrey as a nice guy, but said he had witnessed the two arguing a few times, but it was always verbal never physical.

The tenant's friend said she had been over to the home a few times, but barely knew of the two.

She did mention Gainey seemed a little untrustworthy. The two said Friday afternoon they heard the two arguing once again. This time it was loud, and then the tenant said he heard the gun shots.

The tenant said he was afraid to run outside because he didn't know if he would get shot.

Saturday the tenant was allowed to return to the home for the first time since an argument escalated out of control resulting in the death of Julian Humphrey.

Lawton Police said Saturday that due to the nature of the investigation and the fact that it is ongoing, no additional information pertaining to the motive of the fatal shooting will be released at this time.