Jones and Luna will stand trial for Lane's murder

DUNCAN, Okla._Judge Jerry Herberger announced late Wednesday afternoon that Michael Jones and Chancey Luna will stand trial for the first degree murder of Australian baseball player, Christopher Lane.

This comes after the third suspect, James Edwards Jr., took the stand last month to tell his side of the story in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence.

Wednesday afternoon started with testimony from one of Luna and Jones' friends, Kayjuan Martin. Previously, Martin would not answer any questions on the stand until he had a lawyer present. Having representation present, Kayjuan Martin still refused to answer several questions on the stand today that involved his relationship with Chancey Luna and Michael Jones. He continued to exercise his Fifth Amendment rights on several topics, including whether or not he knew about the murder and whether or not he had any connection with the murder weapon.

After Martin, Stephens County dispatcher, Heather George, took the stand and gave powerful statements about Michael Jones and his involvement another inmate with a similar crime. George testified that she overheard a conversation between Jones and murder inmate Michael Ray in the jail just days after the murder.

Ray, who was behind bars for the unrelated murder of Duncan teen Alyssa Wiles, asked Jones "why did you shoot an Australian and not someone else?" George says Jones responded by saying "we tried to shoot several others and kept missing."

The court concluded by saying all evidence points to pre-mediation to murder and that Jones and Luna knew Lane was jogging before James Edwards Jr. even got inside the car on that day.

That evidence was enough for Judge Herberger to make his final decision; Jones will be back in court march 20th for their formal arraignment. No date has been set for when trial proceedings will start.

Court records show Chancey Luna's attorney was charged with contempt of court. Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks would not comment on the charge.