March Against Child Abuse

LAWTON, Okla_ Some bikers in the community rallied together at Lawton's Kid Zone playground to take a stand against child abuse.

Bikers Against Child Abuse joined up with Lawton's March Against Child Abuse Saturday to help raise awareness.

It was all a part of a nationwide event held in more than 100 cities.

Supporters held up signs while cars going down 38th street honked to show support for the fight to end the abusive situation children as much too often faced with.

Lawton's MACA organizer, Janet Chilsom-Murraine, tells us why she feels so strongly about the cause.

"I read the stories I can imagine the pain, the terror these kids go through, and every night, every day we have so many cases of abuse and neglect, people are just unaware," Chilsom-Murraine said.

This is the 2nd year Lawton has had the March Against Child Abuse.

Nationwide child abuse is the leading killer for children under the age of five.