Fourth person named in Christopher Lane murder case

DUNCAN, Okla._New details have developed in the murder of Christopher Lane Monday morning in a Stephens County courtroom after a fourth suspect was charged in connection to the case.

Oddesse Barnes, 22, was charged with accessory after the fact to murder in the first degree. If convicted, Barnes could face up to life in prison for his role in last year's killing when Lane was shot to death while jogging on a street in Duncan.

It's a name we first heard back in February during the preliminary hearing for suspects Chancey Luna and Michael Jones. On that day, Barnes' name was mentioned during questioning about the location of the 22-caliber gun used in the shooting. But for investigators, Oddesse Barnes was already a familiar name that surfaced all the way back on that fateful day of August 16.

New court documents issued Monday afternoon show that police first heard Barnes' name during an initial interview with one of the three initial suspects, Michael Jones, back in August. Investigators questioned Barnes at the Elm Terrace Apartments where he told them he had no knowledge of where the murder weapon was. But two days later, Jones, admitted that he drove the accused shooter, Chancey Luna, to that apartment complex.  He said he believed Luna took the gun to Barnes's apartment.

When police traced Barnes down and asked him if he was given a revolver he told them he didn't have it but said "it was there but was gone." Flash forward nearly eight months later to April 11; Barnes is put into investigative detention where he was again asked about the murder weapon.

Barnes told police that Luna showed up with the gun. He said Luna was acting "jumpy and full of adrenaline" so he took the gun from him so "nothing bad would happen." He admitted the gun was in his possession for 24 hours before he dropped the gun in tall grass in order to conceal it right before his first encounter with police.

It took police three attempts to get information out of Barnes and that was enough to charge him with accessory. His bond has been set for $150,000 with a preliminary conference date of June 4. If convicted he could face life in prison. No word yet on whether the murder weapon has been recovered or not.

The murder trials of Chancey Luna and Michael Jones are scheduled for the August docket in Stephens County. James Edwards Jr. is hoping to have his charges reduced. His preliminary hearing date is scheduled for May 13.